Who is Who x Matt Giordano aka. theyogimatt

February 3, 2017

Name - Matt Giordano
home base - Connecticut, USA

profession - YOGA

social media - @theyogimatt // www.theyogimatt.com


food - Korean

animal - goat 🐐

word - espresso

song - #41

yoga style - Anything that feels amazing

When and why did you start practicing yoga?
- 2008 - I had been working on self awareness and meditation for years without guidance. Eventually a friend of mine suggested a book titled "Wisdom of the Peaceful Warrior", I bought it immediately. Within the first few pages it recommended yoga to anyone struggling with seated meditation. I took my first class the next day and that began the adventure.

Describe yoga in one word?
- Bliss


What’s your most unforgettable yoga experience?
- My first warrior 2, I knew my life had changed.

What’s your statement about “men & yoga”?
- I cannot make a general statement about men who practice yoga. People that practice yoga with the intention to feel good, connect to their "inner" or "higher" self develop a sense of self awareness that leaves them feeling empowered to live life fully. If I am to highlight and honor a quality in men specifically I would say that many of us naturally posses the power of single pointed focus. When we know what we want we are driven toward it and break through any obstacles that might stand in our way. When that attention is placed on something like self awareness, love, or bliss we find out just how powerful, compassionate and connected we can actually be.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start doing yoga?
- When wanting to do anything the hardest thing to do is the first step: start. So my advice is take a moment and ask yourself what you truly want. Why is yoga something you want to do? When you are clear on the why, ask yourself what is holding you back from getting started? Then ask for the courage to do what it takes to get started. For some that is asking for help, others it's taking a risk by doing something new, or allowing yourself to feel out of place, or letting yourself sit in the discomfort of not being "good" at something. You do not need to be good at something you have never tried before. You do not have to be familiar with something new. Do it anyway, because you want to



Thank you Matt!! Looking forward to your classes at the Yoga Games next week in Stockholm!



Photo Credits: PURA VIDA / ©️ TAMAR MELEN 2015



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