Who is Who x Adam Husler

March 29, 2017



Name -  Adam Husler
home base -  London, UK
profession - Yoga and Meditation Teacher
social media - @adamhusler


food -
Sun-dried tomatoes
animal - Red panda
word - Elongate
song - O Little Light by His Golden Messenger
yoga style - Alignment focused vinyasa

When and why did you start practicing yoga?
- My first dabbling with yoga happened about 10 years ago, but the practice got serious when I needed to find a solution to a problem….. boxing making me super tight in lots of direction, not knowing people socially that didn’t then want to punch me in the gym and having a need for something more meditative. Then the yoga became a daily practice. 

Describe yoga in one word?
- Practice


What’s your most unforgettable yoga experience?
- The fist time filming in Udaya; I was standing on a Hollywood standard movie set with 3 Red cameras pointing at me, a crew of 12, 10 students that I’d flown over on amts behind me and I was wondering how my yoga practice had got me here!

What’s your statement about “men & yoga”?
- Men, and to be honest a lot of people have misconceptions of who goes to a yoga class; the old ladies in a church hall, the lycra clad former dancers/gymnasts or the bearded guy who has just returned from Goa wearing hemp. My message to these guys is to try a class. If you don’t like it, try another. If you’re scared, try some online classes. You’ll eventually find a yoga style that works for you, along with all the mental and physical benefits it brings.

What advice would you give someone who wants to start doing yoga?

- It isn’t a flexibility class or a competition. Nobody cares if you can stick you leg behind you head. The whole thing is an entirely subjective experience.



Thank you Adam!



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